About Catalist 

For over a decade, Catalist has been the data utility powering the progressive community.

Catalist compiles, enhances, stores, and dynamically updates data on over 240 million unique voting-age individuals across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Working with Catalist can help you build membership, target persuasive messaging, engage activists, drive an issue agenda, and mobilize voters.

We collaborate with data-driven progressive organizations: issue advocates, organizers, pollsters, analysts, consultants, campaigners, researchers, and more. Catalist is owned by a trust and operates in support of civic participation. 


The Catalist Team is comprised of more than 50 professionals with expertise in system and software development, data science and analytics, and political and issue advocacy. Tech-industry veterans lead our system and software development, PhD data scientists head our in-house Analytics shop. Our Account Executives are seasoned political operatives with a wide array of political experience at the state, local, and federal level.

We are proud that our commitment to diversity is demonstrated at all levels of the company – staff, senior management, and Board. It takes people with broadly varied backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives, as well as diverse professional and personal experiences, to develop creative, cutting-edge data solutions for the progressive community. This ideal is at the core of our work and has been a driving force behind a decade of innovation at Catalist.

Leadership Team

Michael Frias

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Quinn

President & Chief Innovation Officer

Tajh Taylor

Chief Technology Officer

William Loman

General Counsel

Molly Chapman Norton

Chief Client Officer

Yair Ghitza, PhD

Chief Scientist

Gary Gruver

Chief Financial Officer

Misha Zhurkin

Chief Architect

Brad Lippmann, PhD

Chief of Staff

Peter Casey

Director of Analytics


Stephen Boone

Director of Infrastructure

Russ Rampersad

Director of Product Management


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