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Director of Analytics

For more than a decade, Catalist has been a leader in civic data and data science innovation. Our mission is to provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to engage and mobilize. Our clients include the largest, most influential organizations in the U.S. engaged in civic engagement, advocacy, and political campaigns.

Catalist is home to a dedicated, diverse, and creative team of technologists, data scientists and campaign experts who build best-in class data tools and science. Catalist is committed to using our talents and technology to nurture a vibrant, growing, progressive community. We believe in making Catalist the kind of place that you want to work for a while, so we’ve built out a comprehensive benefits package to make sure that you’re taken care of when you’re here.

About the Position    

This is a big and important role for the future of the progressive movement. As the director of Analytics, you’ll be responsible for helping to shape and managing the execution of an ambitious progressive research agenda. This agenda seeks to take the same methods that have helped to identify the best targets for voter contact programs to bigger problems like how to assemble coalitions for long-term electoral victory or how campaigns should adapt to a fractured and siloed media environment. Because of the depth of Catalist’s data, we’re able to answer questions that no one else can really tackle—we have decades of voter files, mountains of historical election results, tons of survey research, a whole host of other data, and it’s all organized and ready for analysis.

We take this challenge seriously and want to make sure that the next Director of Analytics can help realize these goals. In practical terms, you’ll report into the CEO, and manage a team of 5-8 analysts and scientists. You’ll work closely with the product management, client services, tech, and data teams. Primarily you’ll focus on three things:

  1. Being a partner strategist with our clients: Making sure that we’re fully understanding the needs of the organizations that are executing program, distilling these needs into discrete projects, and shaping a strategy from these projects that meets both current and future needs for our clients and the progressive left.

  2. Being a strong internal communicator: The analytics department works closely with all the other departments—most of the core Catalist products start off as prototypes coming out of analytics, so handoffs are common and essential. You’ll play a central role in making sure that cross-departmental work is efficient, engaging, and that there’s very little loss in the fidelity of the work as the work of the analytics team moves from prototype to product.

  3. Being a competent analyst: Finally, you’ll be managing really smart analysts and scientists and you’ll need to have a grasp on what they’re doing not only to appropriately manage the work, but also to be a strong internal and external communicator about the work. 


Experience managing the work of other analysts: We recognize that the skills required to be a great analyst or data scientist are different than the skills required to effectively manage those people. While it’s not a requirement that you’ve led a team of analysts in the past, we want to make sure that you’ve at least had the experience of being responsible for someone else’s technical work.

Domain experience: It’s not a requirement that you have experience in progressive politics or advocacy, though that experience will make transitioning into this role easier. If you haven’t worked in progressive politics or advocacy, we’d like to make sure that you’ve at least worked in more than one industry so that you have a clear sense of what types of problems generalize across managing analysts and research. If you’re coming out of progressive politics or advocacy, that will be all the domain experience you need.

Education: There are no formal educational requirements for this position, but you will be engaging in highly technical work, so we recommend a working familiarity with statistical methods used in political campaigns.


$125,000 - $135,000


Medical, Dental, and Prescription Drug coverage

Catalist offers medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage through United Healthcare. Coverage for eligible staff begins the first of the month following the date of hire. For any reason of termination, your coverage will end the last day of that month.

Group Term Life Insurance & Long Term Disability

Group Term Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Coverage is available for eligible full-time employees. These benefits will be provided through United Healthcare Employee Benefits at no cost to Catalist’s employees. Enrollment will occur automatically on the 1st of the month following your date of employment.

Catalist’s Group Term Life Insurance policy will provide a benefit of 1 times the annual salary of the employee to a maximum benefit of $200,000. This amount is doubled in the case of accidental death.

Our Long-Term Disability plan will provide eligible staff 60% of the employee’s salary when an employee is no longer able to work due to a disability. This coverage begins on the 91st day of the disability. The maximum monthly benefit is $6,000.

Betterment 401(k) Safe Harbor Plan

The Betterment 401(k) Safe Harbor Plan is available to all full-time employees from date of hire. Employees may contribute pre-tax or post-tax from their salary up the legal limit set forth by the IRS.

  • Employer Contribution: All participants are eligible for this contribution.

  • Catalist, LLC will contribute up to 3% of your compensation into the plan for each eligible participant.

  • Catalist, LLC 401(k) plan allows qualified employees to enroll on their first day of work.

Metro Benefits

Catalist, LLC also makes available Metro’s SmartBenefits program to its employees. This benefit allows you to have up to $130 per month deducted on a pre-tax basis from your gross salary amount to pay for Metro use. The pre-tax salary deduction is free from federal, FICA, and state (DC, MD, VA) taxes. You can use SmartBenefits to buy Metro Subway and Bus fares and parking fees at Metro lots.

Student Loan PayDown or SaveUp

Catalist is pleased to offer a Student Loan PayDown and College SaveUp benefit. We have partnered with Gradifi to make direct contributions to either your student loans or 529 college savings plan. You get to choose which one will be most impactful to you!

Professional Development Benefit

All Catalist employees are eligible for an Individual Development Budget of $750 per calendar year. We have seen, and want to recognize, the immense interest Catalist staff has demonstrated in expanding knowledge and improving skills. We are committed to your professional development and are excited to support this benefit for our staff.

Personal Leave & Vacation

Catalist offers vacation benefits to all full-time, permanent staff. During the first year of employment, employees will accrue one vacation day per calendar month. Employees are eligible to take vacation leave after the initial ninety days of employment. At the beginning of the second year of employment, employees will be issued fifteen days of vacation per employment year. In addition to vacation, each employee will be allowed three personal days per calendar year, to be used as needed, but no more than one personal day may be used in any calendar month unless approved in advance by a supervisor. Personal leave may be used for medical appointments scheduled during work hours. Vacation and personal days may not be carried over into subsequent years.

All employees will be provided with sick leave as follows: After six (6) months of employment with the company employees are entitled to up to three (3) days of sick leave per year, and after one (1) year of employment employees are entitled to up to six days of sick leave. Unused sick leave may not be carried over into subsequent years.

To apply, please send your resume, including references, job and academic experience, to with the subject line "Director of Analytics." 


Equal Employment Opportunity

Catalist, LLC (Catalist or Company) is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate against any individual in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, family responsibilities, disability, veteran's status, or any basis prohibited by the law. This policy covers all programs, services, policies, and procedures of the Company, including opportunity for employment and treatment as a Company employee.

No recruiters or agencies. Direct hires only.