Janay Cody Senior Advisor for Data Equity

Janay Cody is a behavioral data scientist working with Catalist as a Senior Advisor for Data Equity. Cody’s work focuses on equitable data governance, creating inclusive data driven cultures, data literacy training, randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental testing, survey research, segmentation, machine learning models, and quality control.

Cody is the principal behavioral data scientist for J. & J. David LLC, where she works with clients to improve their use and understanding of complex data. She has previously advised many organizations including major foundations, Movement Labs, the New Georgia Project, and Faith in Action. 

Cody previously worked for the Analyst Institute, where she led research strategy, experimental design and implementation, and training for civic organizations across 22 states and collaborated with colleagues to build systems for flagging biases in data, advocate for more inclusive research, and design equity policies. She also co-authored a major assessment of educational testing in urban school districts for Educational Testing Services.

Cody received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Notre Dame, where her research focused on public opinion and quantitative research methods.

Janay Cody, Senior Advisor for Data Equity