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Do Democrats Need a Progressive to Excite the Base?

Our recent electoral history suggests they don’t.

David Edward Burke | January 8, 2020



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Are Clue-Collar White Women Trump's Red Wall?

They’re the one group whose support for impeachment isn’t growing.

Anne Kim | October 25, 2019




Why Political Pundits are Obsessed with Hidden Moderates

Progressive economic policies are extremely popular with Americans, but talking heads and donors keep missing that.



HRC Releases Early State Voter Snapshot

Lucas Acosta | September 20, 2019 





Just How Many Swing Voters Are There?



Democrats, Stop Obsessing Over Base Turnout. Remember 2018?

Lanae Erickson | September 10, 2019



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Democrats asking: What makes a candidate electable?

J. Patrick Coolican | August 25, 2019