Atlas Online Toolkit.pngJune 4, 2018 (Washington, DC) — Catalist announced today that the Atlas Project Toolkit will be joining the Catalist family to expand the data platforms available to its clients and partners. For over a decade, these two resources have helped power and advance the progressive agenda, working in close collaboration with many of the community’s biggest institutions, consultants, and campaigns. Most recently, Catalist and the Atlas Project successfully partnered on an interactive reporting dashboard for tracking Absentee and Early Voting in the 2016 election.

“From their inceptions, Atlas and Catalist have been working on parallel tracks —and often hand in hand — to provide progressives with an extraordinary set of tools to run effective and data-driven campaigns,” said Steve Rosenthal, President of the Atlas Project.  “I am extremely proud of the work our team has put into creating and maintaining the Atlas Toolkit over the years, and I am grateful to all of those in the progressive community who have supported our organization. Catalist is a natural fit for the Atlas Toolkit and we’re thrilled thinking about the endless possibilities going forward.”

“We are excited that these two great organizations will be working to become one and add new value for the all our partners,” said Michael Frias, President and COO of Catalist. “We believe this combination will provide clients the best of both worlds: richer data paired with seamless access to original content and insight available directly to senior leadership.”

“The progressive movement will benefit greatly from this new partnership,” said Catalist Board of Managers Kirk Adams. “I am excited to see the potential of what’s possible with the power of both of these organizations working together.”

The Atlas Project Toolkit is an interactive platform that allows users to easily access a wide variety of historical data and fresh analyses, with customizable visualizations and reports that support strategic, effective decision-making. This resource integrates election data, media alerts, activity tracking, and in-depth research and analyses.

Throughout 2018, the Atlas Project and Catalist teams will work closely to find ways to provide additional data and insight through the Atlas Project Toolkit. Catalist will assume formal ownership of the Atlas Project Toolkit at the start of 2019.



About Catalist

For over a decade, Catalist has been the data utility powering the progressive community. Catalist compiles, enhances, stores, and dynamically updates data on over 240 million unique voting-age individuals across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They collaborate with data-driven progressive organizations: issue advocates, organizers, pollsters, analysts, consultants, campaigners, researchers, and more. Catalist is owned by a not-for-profit trust and operates in support of civic participation.



About The Atlas Project

The Atlas Project provides an interactive platform for political research and data that helps the progressive community make smart, effective, and cost-efficient decisions on electoral and issue advocacy campaigns. They rely on a team of political and data analysts who have a proven track record of developing customized, actionable research to help meet our clients’ needs.  Founded in 2004 by Mary Beth Cahill, Steve Rosenthal and Michael Whouley, the Atlas Project’s mission is to arm campaigns and progressive organizations with the insight, analysis and tools to help avoid costly missteps and make better strategic decisions, in addition to serving as an institutional memory that tracks progressive civic engagement across election cycles.