Data Subscriptions

Catalist works with organizations to tailor Data Subscriptions to their needs and budgets. Subscriptions provide the option of predictable annual fees – helping our clients reduce per-record and per-use charges for data services and enhancements.



Catalist Data Subscriptions are designed to fit organizations of all sizes. 

All subscriptions allow the unlimited ability to match your proprietary data against the Catalist national database to build highly tailored universes. Integrate data from across your organization and ensure that it is clean, current, and complete.

Catalist offers three Subscription types – Premium, Grassroots Advocacy, and Strategic Planning.



All subscriptions offer:


24/7 self-directed online access to the Catalist national database
Create universe counts, crosstabs, and analyses
Unlimited in-bound matching
Secure and proprietary storage



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Choose your Geography:

Size your Subscription for your organization's reach

Several States
Congressional District
State Legislative District


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Choose your Subscription Type:

Tiered by export volume, tailored to fit your needs and budget

Grassroots Advocacy
Strategic Planning


Customized Subscriptions also available for polling and survey scientists, research institutions, consultants, and more.


Data appends and a la carte data services


Catalist also works with organizations that have one-time or occasional data needs. A la carte offerings include:

  • Targeted lists for outreach 
  • Specialty lists, ie: Doctors, Teachers, Parents
  • Proprietary file hygiene, matching, and list enhancement services
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) updating
  • Phone and cell appends
  • Geocoding
  • Record merge and purge
  • ...and more