Catalist's web-based software uniquely gives our subscribers direct 24/7 access to their proprietary data alongside Catalist’s national database and suite of models.


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Matching with the M keeps your data clean, current, and complete

The M lets clients update and integrate member, supporter, and donor information through a single interface. Users are able to match their organization's files against Catalist’s national database using our proprietary, award-winning matching algorithms. Once matched, lists can be exported from the M or published to the Catalist Q and queried alongside Catalist data.

What you can do with the Catalist M:

  • Clean bad data from your membership file
  • Replace the old with the up-to-date
  • Fill in the gaps where information is incomplete



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Q Software gives users direct web-based access to query the Catalist file and select target universes

With the Q, users can pull counts and lists from Catalist's national database or run in-depth analysis of universes via the crosstab feature. Program universes and custom reports can be generated simultaneously, allowing immediate analysis of your universe as it is built. 

What you can do with the Catalist Q:

  • Query proprietary data alongside the Catalist national database
  • Build and export contact universes
  • Keep track of contact results over time
  • Build crosstabs and reports



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Catalist S

Data Science Platform

The Catalist S Platform extend our powerful analytics environment to sophisticated users to autonomously conduct their own in-house analyses. With command-line access to the full Catalist database, S users can generate reports, build and assess experiment-informed programs, develop custom models, and support their organization’s diverse efforts.

What you can do with the Catalist S Platform:

  • Develop proprietary models
  • Run standard reports and visualizations
  • Design and analyze experiments



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The Catalist T is a user-friendly tool for transferring large datasets.

What you can do with the Catalist T:

  • Transfer large lists, crosstabs, and reports in a secure environment



Catalist Atlas Toolkit


Integrated Data Platform for Campaigns & Progressive Political Organizations

The Atlas Project Toolkit is an integrated data platform with dashboards for each state, tracking for ongoing electoral campaigns, polling and media data, and powerful analysis and data visualization tools. Users can access historical data sources going back to 1990 in our visualization and custom analysis modules.

What you can do with the Toolkit:

  • Study up on political and demographic trends in your state
  • Track polling and media spending across campaigns and/or states
  • Create custom maps with election results and demographic data
  • Analyze data and create custom infographics
  • Review Post-Election Analyses and Path-to-Victory Roadmaps

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