Analytics & Models

Modeling_flat_on-01.pngHeaded by PhD Data Scientists, our in-house Analytics team has been building best-in-class models tested and trusted by the progressive community for a decade. Our core civic behavior models are built and refreshed with diverse data from a wide variety of sources that is continuously updated and revalidated for quality.

Using the Catalist modeling suite as inputs into custom models consistently builds powerful and predictive models.

Catalist models help organizations with their strategic planning, program execution, and are used extensively as powerful inputs to custom models. Available through our proprietary software, these models can help your organization identify communication targets based on their civic behavior, political attitudes, and issue preferences.



We have had the benefit of collecting a wide range of data for a decade and keeping that data in a standardized form over that entire time frame.



Comprehensive Data

On top of official sources, like voter file and Census data, we leverage the power of client inputs – surveys, paid and field IDs, and more – to our modeling and analytics data. These elements enable us to offer the most comprehensive and accurate modeling suite available to the progressive community today. 

Catalist built the first national partisanship model in 2006 and has consistently expanded and improved our suite of models and synthetic variables. Our models help drive targeted outreach, custom analysis and reporting, and as powerful inputs to custom models.



Our models have benefitted from a consistent process of iteration and improvement. We have collected and standardized a wide range of data for a decade. And we have been steadily improving the methodological sophistication of our models. Though the methods used to construct our early national models were advanced for their time, our current models are substantially more accurate, consistent, and robust; and these methods are unique to Catalist.


Catalist Models Types Include:



Custom Modeling

For organizations interested in building their own models, Catalist's Analytics Exports provide access to hundreds of fields of commercial, behavioral, and modeled data. Our team of in-house modeling experts is available for consultation and collaboration as you find the best ways to use Catalist data to meet your needs.



Data Visualizations & Reports

The Catalist Q software includes customizable Data Visualizations and Reports that provide up-to-date insight into current and historic Voter Registration ApplicationsFirst-time Registrants, and Absentee and Early Voting (AVEV). See more >