At Catalist, you are a partner in a collective, an innovator, and a participant in the longest running data trust in progressive politics.

Our commitment is to strengthen the progressive community year after year by growing and maturing this community asset and related technology and services. We do this by providing our data only to Democrats and progressives, and only for civic engagement purposes, not for commercial for-profit uses. And, we are able to do so without threat of this data asset being bought, sold, or traded for commercial or for-profit purposes.

What we do

Catalist compiles, enhances, stores, and dynamically updates data on over 256 million unique voting-age individuals across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Working with Catalist can help you build membership, target persuasive messaging, engage activists, drive an issue agenda, and register or mobilize voters.


The Catalist Suite of Products is designed for scalability, flexibility, and customization. Our Software & Platforms are designed with modular permissioning so clients can design a custom data program with open data channels between program silos. With the Catalist national database as the foundation, our products help our clients use their resources more efficiently and make a greater impact.

What Happened™ in 2022

Read our research article examining the 2022 midterm, including demographic breakdowns of the electorate and notable trends in turnout and Democratic support over time.