The Catalist National Database is built on a reliable foundation collected from Election Officials in all 50 states and the District of Columbia – a unified national voter file, with records going back over 15 years. Our innovative infrastructure links records from a broad variety of data sources, even when those sources have conflicting, mis-matched, or out-of-date information. 

This deep-rooted approach gives our clients the unique ability to see both short-term and long-term trends. 

Continuously updated, the Catalist national database helps organizations and campaigns find people where they are now, with the history of where they have been. Our data and models are continually improved with data returned to Catalist by our partners and clients. This virtuous circle ensures the national file is more accurate and more powerful for our clients.

Catalist works with organizations to tailor data subscriptions to their needs and budgets. Subscriptions provide the option of predictable annual fees – helping our clients reduce per-record and per-use charges for data services and enhancements. 

First National Voter File

Catalist started with hundreds of voter files from states, counties, and municipalities and developed the first ever NATIONAL VOTER FILE not owned by a political party or individual campaign

First Voter Registration Record-Linking Engine

Now known as record linkage, Catalist's Typecoding Engine was ground-breaking infrastructure allowing Catalist clients and partners to track results across the progressive community, improving best practices and enabling reporting at a level never before possible

Fusion Matching Infrastructure

The next evolution of record linkage infrastructure, Fusion is our premier matching software and the infrastructure that powers our Analytics capabilities


Interactive dashboard for tracking topline totals for new voter registrants, newly inactive flags, and dropped voters



We integrate data from the Census, commercial data, specialty data, and media market geographies. Continuously updated through state file acquisitions, commercial refreshes, National Change of Address processing, and other routine data hygiene, the Catalist national database helps organizations and campaigns find and contact their members, supporters, and future supporters where they are now, with the history of where they have been.


Our data and models have benefitted from a consistent process of iteration and improvement. We have collected and standardized a wide range of data for a decade. And we have been steadily improving the methodological sophistication of our models. Though the methods used to construct our early national models were advanced for their time, our current models are substantially more accurate, consistent, and robust; and these methods are unique to Catalist.


Catalist clients and partners continually improve the quality of our data by sharing back program and response data. By doing so, we can verify, improve, and enhance the Catalist file, which improves subsequent outreach efforts. Every piece of individual data remains the sole property of the organization that loads it, but the full community benefits from the insights provided.

Catalist Innovation Pilot

Big data isn’t just for big organizations. Our new pilot program offers streamlined versions of our industry-leading data and software to innovators and local campaigns.

Growing the Progressive Data Ecosystem

Our Data team works with all of our partners in the progressive ecosystem to identify and evaluate new sources of data and information that will be the foundation of robust and effective programs. 

When you work with Catalist, you are a partner in a collective. As the longest running data trust in progressive politics, we leverage our collective buying power to lower the barriers to entry that smaller and new organizations face.

We work only with partners whose goal align with our values – Democrats, Progressives, and non-profit issue advocacy organizations. We do no commercial work: progressive data and resources kept within the movement.

Catalist is the broadest distribution network in the Progressive space, working with both c3 and c4 organizations. Every incremental investment in data and infrastructure benefits the whole ecosystem. Tapping into this network provides civic intelligence gained over 15 years, in campaigns for fair labor practices, expanding ballot access and voting rights, choosing leaders who can turn their values into real change.

Identify Needs & Set Goals

As our clients and partners face new challenges, we work with them to find gaps in information, infrastructure, and tactics.

Evaluate Data Sources

Catalist has a broad network of commercial and private data sources, and new sources are becoming available every day. We are in a unique position to help our clients make informed decisions about what is available, what is accessible, and what offers the best value.

Engage Partners

Widen the circle to include partners with similar challenges. We bring organizers together and keep the lines of communication open so we can anticipate hurdles and establish best practices.

Pool Resources

Catalist can leverage the buying power of our clients and partners, lowering the barrier to entry – infrastructure, commercial data, software, technical skills – that new and small organizations face.

Test Data

Develop verification procedures to test practical use cases across multiple mediums. As our clients and partners use data and models in their digital, mail, and mobile outreach programs, they rely on Catalist methodology to ensure their data has been validated.

Feedback Data

Once the data is put into use, clients and partners can choose to share their results – program and response data become key inputs to our predictive models.