The Omnibus Project (TOP)

The Omnibus Project (TOP) is a polling consortium managed by Catalist and run exclusively for the progressive community. Each nationwide TOP poll involves approximately 1,200 respondents matched to the Catalist voter file. Partner organizations — including the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, NEA, SEIU, and the Strategic Victory Fund use these data to inform strategic planning and results are fed back into Catalist’s file, improving modeling and other services for clients. 

TOP polls are matched to the Catalist voter file, which includes 4 billion data points for more than 261 million unique individual-level records.

TOP polls oversample Black, AAPI and Latino respondents to ensure surveys adequately reflect responses from voters of color.

Data are shared exclusively with the progressive community.

Results inform Catalist’s class-leading models, which are used across the progressive ecosystem to reach audiences.

Polls are conducted monthly in midterm and presidential years and conducted bimonthly in odd years.

Longitudinal data sets spanning six electoral cycles reveal evolving attitudes, opinions and voting behaviors.

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Catalist is a progressive data utility that maintains the longest-running database of voters outside the two major political parties. Catalist works exclusively with unions, progressive groups, and Democratic campaigns and is the only unionized political data company (Catalist Union, Communications Workers of America Local 2336). 

The Catalist national file combines data from official voter rolls with commercial and Census sources, proprietary issue models, multiple cell phone providers and leading polling data. TOP is an evolution of the Polling Consortium, making it the longest-running progressive omnibus poll.

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