Taegan Goddard | May 10, 2021

Electoral data analysis firm Catalist released a major study of the demographic trends that shaped 2020 election:

  • Biden “made significant gains among white voters compared to 2016, particularly among white college and white suburban voters.” Biden actually performed better with non-college White voters than Hillary 2016 and Obama 2012, but Trump still benefited from an overall increase in their turnout.
  • Trump improved with African-American voters (doing 3 points better than in 2016), but thanks to increased turnout, the overall numbers really helped Biden, especially in places like Georgia.
  • 2020’s historic turnout was largely fueled by the rise of young voters (in participation levels and raw numbers): “Millennials and Gen Z now account for 31% of voters, up from 23% in 2016 and 14% in 2008.”

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