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Catalist provides data and data-related services to progressive organizations to help them better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to enhance, persuade, and mobilize.  

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Our national database contains more than 240 million unique voting-age individuals. We start with a rich, reliable foundation of 185 million registered voters – a unified national voter file – collected from Election Officials in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

Commercial data adds another 55 million unregistered individuals and enhances the entire database with hundreds of fields, including household attributes, purchasing and investment profiles, donation behavior, occupational information, recreational interests, and engagement with civic and community groups.  

We also integrate data from the Census, specialty data, and media market geographies. We have records going back more than a decade, giving our clients the unique ability to see both short-term and long-term trends.



Catalist data is continually updated and audited by data quality experts. Catalist's Data Operations team adheres to a rigorous multi-step quality assurance process that ensures that each update improves the quality of the database.



Continuously updated through state file acquisitions, commercial refreshes, National Change of Address processing, and other routine data hygiene, the Catalist national database helps organizations and campaigns find and contact their members, supporters, and future supporters where they are now, with the history of where they have been.

Our data and models are continually improved with new data returned to Catalist by our partners and clients. This virtuous circle ensures the national file is more accurate and more powerful for our clients.


Analytics and Synthetic Data

Catalist’s database holds the most comprehensive and accurate modeling suite available to the progressive community today. Our models and synthetic variables are extensively and successfully used across the community to inform program decisions. 

Each day, through Catalist’s permanent national data warehouse systems, a wide range of progressive organizations are extracting, exchanging, and storing data about the "civic transactions" they are conducting with individuals across the country. Every piece of individual data remains the sole property of the organization that loads it, but our unique ability to aggregate data at the individual level across so many channels and organizational sources allows Catalist to continuously build and refine our data synthetics and predictive models.

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Catalist has enriched its cell phone database with several new sources and added millions of cell phone records this year. Catalist's cell phone database now covers 109 million registered voters nationally plus 31.5 million unregistered voting aged persons, and we will continue to supplement this database with targeted acquisitions. 

Cell phones come standard on exports, with the option to supplement your list with same-day cell phone appends from a database that is updated daily.




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