Model of the Labor Force

The impact of the current employment crisis on places and people

The DEEP-MAPS Project uses current statistical tools to provide estimates of the impact of the current employment crisis on places and people. The model was developed by Yair Ghitza, Ph.D., and Chief Scientist at the national data company Catalist. A working paper, open code, modeled census tract level estimates, and this website have been created through work done together with Mark Steitz. This project uses publicly available data sources from the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other places.

The DEEP-MAPS model of the labor force projects official government labor force statistics down to specific neighborhoods and types of people in those places. At, you can create maps that show estimates of unemployment and labor force participation by race, education, age, gender, marital status, and citizenship. You can track labor force data over time and examine estimates of the disparate impact of the crisis on different communities. These estimates were developed to help policy makers, analysts, reporters, and citizens who are trying to understand the fast-changing dynamics of the current economic crisis.