What Happened™ in 2022

Constituency Reports

The following What Happened reports focus on how specific constituency groups voted in 2022 from the perspective of the Catalist voter database, the longest-running outside the two major political parties. The main purpose of these constituency reports — which focus on Black, Latino, AAPI, youth and women voters — is to inform the work political campaigns and voter registration and mobilization groups do to make the electorate more representative of the country as a whole.

As with Catalist’s 2022 What Happened report, these reports focus on the national House vote, different voting patterns in states with highly contested versus less contested statewide elections, and state-level performance. We also explore registration, primary voting, and ongoing shifts in which methods people use to vote. 

We strongly urge readers to familiarize themselves with the Data Guide for constituency reports, which includes important caveats about sub-group estimates for smaller population sizes.

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Catalist is eager to work with clients and partners to conduct more in-depth analysis at the local, state and national level. If you have additional questions about this research or would like to explore new research projects together, please reach out

What Happened 2022

Catalist’s national What Happened report is available online. Forthcoming reports will focus on specific states, including ones that are likely to be 2024 battlegrounds.



Lead authors. Kirsten Walters, Data Scientist; Ben Gross, Analyst

Project lead. Hillary Anderson, Director of Analytics; Haris Aqeel, Senior Advisor

Editor. Aaron Huertas, Communications Director

Graphics and data engineering. Kirsten Walters, Data Scientist

Catalist Executives. Michael Frias, CEO; Molly Norton, Chief Client Officer

Catalist Analytics Team. Janay Cody PhD, Senior Advisor for Data Equity; Jonathan Robinson, Director of Research

Catalist Data Team. Russ Rampersad, Chief Data Officer; Lauren O’Brien, Deputy Chief Data Officer; Dan Buttrey, Director of Data Acquisition

Many current and former staff members have also contributed to this report through their work building and maintaining the Catalist file. These insights would not be possible with the long-term investment Catalist has made in people and data since 2006.

Finally, Catalist is deeply grateful to the clients, partners and other community leaders who offered thoughtful review and feedback throughout the process, especially: 

  • EMILY’S List: Melissa Williams, Vice President Independent Expenditure
  • EquisLabs: Carlos Odio, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Research; and team
  • HIT Strategies: Terrance Woodbury, CEO and Co-Founder; and team
  • NAACP in partnership with GSSA:  Derrick Johnson, President and CEO NAACP; Dr. Albert Yates, Principal GSSA, Catalist board member
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund: Rachel Hall; Director, Data, Analytics and Research
  • Strategic Victory Fund: Stephanie Schriock

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